Food Safety and Quality Management. Food safety and quality inspector filling out quality control form in a laboratory, Poultry Sample in background

Quality Assurance and Quality Control drive important process decisions. These decisions are hard when you don’t have the right tools. Let’s be honest about your process reality…

  • Fielding questions that usually take days to get answers to?
  • Overwhelming pressure to 'look' good?
  • Losing money and profitability on manpower and bad data?
  • Have bad data and not knowing it?
  • Holding onto manual systems or stone age software?

WiseEyes positions plant managers to finally have the our industry has been missing!

Validated Data

Peace of Mind

Clear Reporting

WiseEyes Data Management platform enables you to conduct efficient and effective quality audits of fresh foods, frozen foods, and related food supplies.

Businesspeople sitting at table with digital device and papers with graphs, analyzing statistics of their start-up company. Man pointing at tablet pc screen using pencil, explaining project strategy

But learning a new program, especially one as important and encompassing as WiseEyes can feel daunting. Our team will personally conduct onsite implementation, initial configuration of your audit reports, and will provide your authorized personnel with training to operate WiseEyes effectively. We will be with you through the process.

In addition to our initial onboarding, ongoing technical support is available for WiseEyes and related reporting.


Every team has a process that works for them. So we made WiseEyes flexible enough to work with you, not against you.

WiseEyes provides customizable features and process that fit your product workflows and quality monitoring activities.

Food safety laboratory inspection of raw chicken meat - biochemical method. Hand of quality control expert holding test tube with raw poultry sample.

Share what you want with who you want.

WiseEyes provides a platform for you to create and share fully customizable audit reports for process control and product quality tracking. You have full autonomy over what gets shared and with whom it gets shared with.

Top view of young  Businessman woman hands reviewing analyzing financial data chart.

In a few clicks you can create (or automate) an unlimited number of audit reports based on your up to date data.  All reports will be generated by our Audit Application and sent via email (in .pdf or .csv file format at Client’s election).


Young entrepreneurs sitting at table with digital tablet and papers with graphs, analyzing financial statistics of their start-up project while discussing company's growth during brainstorm session

WiseEyes gives you instant, validated and historical data right when you need it.

Our reports, histograms and run charts give you absolute clarity through an easy to understand view of your data. At a glance you can know exactly where you are, what you need to do and finally breathe a little easier.



Food Safety and Quality Management. Food safety and quality inspector filling out quality control form in a laboratory, Poultry Sample in background

WiseEyes lets you run audits at any point in time.

Not only do you get our audit functionality, but with WiseEyes you can run these audits and spot checks faster than ever. Many of our clients can go from starting to reporting in minutes.



WiseEyes was developed to produce real data solutions to meet the needs of our internal processes.

In their work in the food processing industry, it was a long time dream and vision of the developers of WiseEyes to develop a process solution to capture data metrics in real time, be able to share that data within the company in a clear orderly fashion, while at the same time building its steady state historical profile presented in charts, graphs, and flow sheets.

Read more about the 'WiseEyes journey...'

Getting started with is easier than you think.

We built WiseEyes to be powerful, but also built it to be simple. Why would getting started be any different?

1. Schedule a Demo

After you request a demo, we'll spin up a WiseEyes account for you to take for a test drive and walk you through the ins and outs of how to get the most out of your demo period.

2. Set up your account

We'll personally set up your full account and finalize your onboarding and on-site training. The best part? We can fully implement WiseEyes in hours, not weeks or months.

3. Make Your Dept Shine

We know nearly every decision is made around how you are today. And now you can know immediately, and get a full picture of exactly where you are!

Data you can is easier than you think.

WiseEyes Data Management is built on 2 main pillars - Valid and Secure Data.

To have valid data, you must be able to trust that methods and procedures used to capture the data are valid.

Most of the time this comes down to the person being fully trained and doing the right things. At WiseEyes we build validation points into the system to help gauge the correct performance of the person conducting the process/test that is generating the data.

With our Data - Point of Generation checks and balances, we can be more confident the data we’re using as a final product is valid and accurate.


As coined by one our clients -  “Better Data, Better Decisions.”


At WiseEyes Data Management we understand workflow and data management. With our team of quality and regulatory professionals, we understand the importance of standardizing quality processes, capturing and utilizing valid data. With our two pillars of Valid and Secure data, WiseEyes facilities process control and improvement while building trust and assurance in the data collection and reporting process.

Ready to find out more?

Choosing the right tools and software is not a small choice. Believe us, we've been in your exact shoes. And when we were in those shoes, we had questions and concerns too. The best next step for you may be a simple call with one of our team members to learn about our pricing, software or scope of work. We believe WiseEyes is the obvious choice for all your auditing needs, and we're positive that after a quick call you'll think so too.